[Do615] Video Premiere: Ariel Bui's 'Moon Over Kentucky'

Drawing influence from Fiona Apple, Angel Olsen, Bjork, and even Radiohead, Ariel Bui's dark folk-pop is taking on the Nashville scene with a force. We're so excited to share her sound and artistic vision with the premiere of her music video for 'Moon Over Kentucky,' off her debut self-titled album (available September 30th).

The album consists of 11 songs she wrote herself on topics of love, death, childhood, feminism, and philosophy that allow a glimpse deep into her soul, perfect for an autumn Sunday drive or a Tarantino soundtrack. 

" The video for "Moon Over Kentucky" was filmed on VHS by MKAV Arts at Fond Object Records in East Nashville. It was extremely important to me that the visual art associated with the album match the all-analog recording, mixing & mastering process. For this reason, I had both film photography shoots and the VHS video shoot in the backyard and back house of Fond Object. The owners of Fond Object and members of The Ettes (Jem Cohen, Poni Silver, Coco Hames, and Jeff Pettit) really love my music and continue to be an enormously supportive force in my musical career. Coco Hames called me her Favorite Discovery in Nashville Scene's 2014 Rock'n'Roll Poll; Poni Silver is my stylist and fashion designer; and Fond Object is my musical home away from home, where I go to buy records, where I see and play awesome shows, where I go for advice about the music industry, and where I know I'm always welcome amidst community-minded friends." - Ariel Bui


Ariel Bui - "Moon Over Kentucky" (Official Music Video)

Come celebrate Ariel's vinyl release party during Americana Fest's Sunday Morning Coming Down with J.P. Harris at Fond Object! She's set to take the stage at 1pm, but stick around and hang all day for performances by Tommy Ash, Aaron Lee Tasjan, J.P. Harris, Blackfoot Gypsies, and Fly Golden Eagle!

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